Bias for the Peninsula is appropriate

Congratulations to you and your band of merry workers for achieving the successful publication of our newest newspaper The Peninsula News.

Your desire to promote such a newspaper has always been well received, unfortunately the effort in achieving it has been left to a small few.

We encourage you because the Peninsula will be represented in a broader sense by your publication.

On the ethos of a newspaper devoted to community and for a non-profit purpose, we commend you.

Whilst the existing newspapers have not been biased against the Peninsula community, it is appropriate that your newspaper will have a bias for the Peninsula community.

We encourage you to maintain your independence on Peninsula issues, to take a broad view in the best interest not only of the Peninsula community but the Central Coast and the further community at large.

Our region has been developed by those who worked hard and by some who took risks. You today are taking a risk in letting your heartfelt desires come to the fore.

Many successes are built on effort, emotion and desire to succeed when success appears difficult.

Our best wishes to you and your staff (unpaid as they may be at this stage) for a successful and long life as a newspaper of credit and worthy contribution.

It is easy to be a critic, it is not easy to be an achiever – this is a motto which you have started to use in your formation and would be a credit for this newspaper’s future.

Once again congratulations.

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