Big changes are coming

Welcome to the first edition of the Peninsula News – the first paper for 25 years to give exclusive Peninsula coverage.

Over the past year, it has become more apparent that momentous things are happening on the Peninsula, all of which will have significant effects on our lives.

Some have received publicity: The redevelopment of the Ettalong Beach War Memorial Club, the fast ferry proposal and the new cinema at Ettalong.

Each of these represents a significant investment on the Peninsula as well as a major addition to the tourist facilities available here.

At the same time, Gosford Council is in the process of spending $8 million on the Peninsula.

This includes money to be spent on street-scaping each of the town centres on the Peninsula, in providing a sporting complex at the Woy Woy pool, providing a youth facility in Osborne Avenue and in building a theatre and other community facilities at the MacMasters Rd community centre.

The way this money is spent and the design of the facilities will to a large extent define the character of the area.

As population pressures increase, the capacity of infrastructure provided by the council – roads, drains and waste disposal – will be tested to its limits.

Of increasing importance will be planning controls, such as the proposed Woy Woy DCP, to ensure we are creating an environment which is in tune with the aspirations of the community.

Fortunately, the council appears to be increasingly willing to consult with the residents on issues such as its Corporate Plan, the state of the environment and major projects, such as the proposed railway crossing.

The Peninsula News aims to inform the community of these vital developments, to provide a forum for discussion and to engender pride and involvement in our community.

To do this successfully, we need your support and involvement. On page two, we describe the aims, values and mechanics of producing this newspaper in more detail.

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