Detectives unlikely to return

The re-instatement of detectives at Woy Woy police station is not likely, according to Member for Peats Marie Andrews.

Calls from Liberal candidate Debra Wales in the March election were unlikely to affect the situation.

The detectives were originally removed due to the Royal Commission into police corruption findings, said Ms Andrew.

The commission found that small groups of detectives were more open to corruption than when they were placed in larger groups, she said.

“Central Coast police did not end up with a good record after the commission”, she said.

She said the centralisation of detectives and pooling of resources into a regional group in Gosford was more efficient in response to crime and was saving the taxpayer many millions of dollars.

Gosford, Terrigal and Woy Woy detectives now all work in Gosford as Brisbane Water police.

“Overall numbers haven’t been depleted,” said Ms Andrew.

“At first there was some resistance from the old hands but the younger police coming through find the newer system fine.

“A duty officer is now available 24 hours a day,” she said.

Ms Andrew also said the new call centre for non-urgent reporting of crime was freeing up local police and detectives for more urgent matters.

Civilians in Sydney’s Campbelltown staff the call centre and victims of minor crimes can officially record misdemeanors on a toll free number.

Ms Andrew said a similar call centre, the first outside Sydney, will be set up on the central coast creating 170 well needed local jobs.

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