Library expansion is planned

Council has set aside $980 000 to extend the existing Woy Woy library significantly.

Mr Alan Flores, Gosford Council’s library services manager, says “It won’t be worthwhile unless the building is expanded to at least double its current size”.

The expansion will probably take place by absorbing the parking lot behind the current library and possibly the council offices to the side of the existing building, he said.

The fire station on the other side will remain.

“We want to do a good job once and the new facility will be technically up to date with re-wiring and Internet access,” he said.

“We hope to have the new building complete by December 2000, but anything can happen.”

Mr Flores said the completion date relied on many factors.

“We want the building to retain its heritage value and perhaps become of central historical value and it will take about 12 months to build after final approval,” he said.

Council’s Building Committee is looking at ways to retain the building’s historical appearance.

Mr Flores said the new building would probably remain single storey to enable disabled, the very young and elderly easy access to the library’s holdings and to restrain cost.

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