Changes to dog exercise areas in Davistown, Kincumber and Saratoga

Gosford City Council has endorsed the re-opening of the dog off leash exercise area at Illoura Reserve, Mireen Ave Davistown.

The dog off leash exercise area was suspended at the Reserve in October last year in response to an urgency motion regarding the potential impact of dog off leash activity on the Bush Stone-curlew, a threatened species under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995.
Council claims to be implementing a number of measures to reduce the potential impact of re-opening dog off leash areas on the surrounding environment including the implementation of black chain wire fencing to reduce pedestrian and dog access to the woodland and beach area at the south western portion of Pippi Point, educational sign posting informing patrons of the sensitive nature of the foreshore environment and signage reminding dog owners of their legal responsibility in the collection and proper disposal of dog faeces.
Council also states that regular monitoring of the area will be undertaken and should Council or local environment groups detect Bush Stone-curlew breeding in any of the reserves, the designated areas in which the breeding is taking place may, upon assessment, be temporarily closed to dogs and their owners.
A second area at Broadwater Reserve, Seabreeze Ave, Kincumber has been closed to dog off and on leash activity due to the proximity to a children’s playground and Saratoga Oval Reserve, Willaroo Rd, Saratoga has been restricted to on leash activity only.
Council will review its recommendations for all six sites in 24 months.
Endorsed sites will be re-opened for dog off leash activity once signage has been installed and recommendations actioned.

Council Agenda,
2 Nov 2010

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