Where is the Peninsula Urban Directions Strategy?

The spokesperson for the Peninsula Chamber of Commerce says we need a new urban planning and design approach to the town centre.
What happened to the Peninsula Urban Directions Strategy?
The strategy was prepared by consultants Newbold Urban Planning with Elton Consulting, Leyshon Consulting and Masson Wilson Twiney.
Brett Newbold was consulted and engaged to research the Urban Design Framework DCP by Gosford Council in 2001, a major task for the consultant.
The council must have been confident that Mr Newbold and assisting consultants had the expertise to prepare and recommend a quality strategy for the Peninsula.
What was the cost to prepare this strategy? Were the consultants’ recommendations accepted by Gosford Council? Did the Chamber spokesman and Chamber members support the strategy at the time?
I think you will find the answers are: Substantial, yes and yes.

Letter, 2 Feb 2018
Norman Harris, Umina

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