CBD Urban Design Framework to be previewed

An invitation-only workshop for key stakeholders will be held by Central Coast’s Coordinator General and the Government Architect of NSW (GANSW), to preview the Gosford City Urban Design and Implementation Framework (UDIF).
The meeting will be held on February 27.
“The NSW Government recognises the importance of good design in making our cities and towns even more appealing, liveable and successful for the communities that live there,” Ms Shearer said in her invitation to key stakeholders.
“We understand that well designed places have the potential to link new and old, are more efficient, prosperous, healthier, and support social cohesion,” she said.
“Gosford City UDIF has been commissioned by the Coordinator General, who has asked the GANSW to engage widely, including Central Coast Council,” the invitation said.
“It is designed to be a collaborative process with the key stakeholders, building on, refreshing and updating, existing planning and design work for the Gosford CBD, including the Our City, Our Destiny Master Plan.
“The focus of the UDIF is on action, realistic implementation and delivery of the vision, what needs to be done, how, and who is going to do it.”
The workshop will include a briefing on work to date, followed by opportunities to review and provide feedback.

Invitation, Feb 2
Lee Shearer, Planning NSW

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