Newsletter provides advice on dealing with changes

New Kindergarten classes have settled in at Valley View PS

Valley View Public School Principal, Ms Mary Hunt, has reflected on the year ahead in the school’s first newsletter for 2018.
The newsletter welcomed new staff members Ms Kelli Wilson, Ms Helen Manson, and Ms Sarah Osmond and the return of Ms O’Neil and Ms Harrington.
The newsletter provided tips for parents to help set their child up for a great year.
“The beginning of the school year always brings with it changes and with that challenges”, Ms Hunt wrote.
“Changes can cause anxiety for children as well as for parents.
“Sometimes children are disappointed at the beginning of the school year when they are separated from close friends or are allocated a teacher they are not familiar with or don’t gel with.
“Parents often get drawn into fixing things for them and trying to negotiate with schools to make things right.
“However, changes and challenges are not all bad.
“There is another way that we can view these.
“They are opportunities for your child to grow and develop a keener awareness of how he/she interacts with adults who may have a style that they are not familiar with.
“It is also an opportunity for them to use their social skills and develop new relationships.
“It is true that sometimes these new relationships cannot replace that special friend from last year, however, it is important for children to learn that the nature of relationships differ and that it is important to make space in our lives for all kinds of friends.
“This may include ones we have fun with, ones we share interests with, ones we work well with and ones we can learn from because they challenge us.
“Childhood is all about learning and growing so that one day our children will be independent and capable young adults.
“The challenges that come our way are great tools for learning.
“At the same time, if the circumstances are too challenging for your child and you feel that they are being impacted socially, behaviourally, physically or academically, it’s good to talk to the school and to seek professional help,” Ms Hunt wrote.

Newsletter, Feb 5
Mary Hunt, Valley View Public School

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