209 bed residential aged care facility proposed

An aerial view of the site outlined in red

A $35m residential aged care facility has been proposed for 2.2 hectares of land at 390 Pacific Hwy, Wyong.
The proposal, lodged with Central Coast Council on February 26, will be assessed under the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP Housing for Seniors or People with a Disability) 2004.
The site has been identified as having a high risk of contamination, including the presence of asbestos, under Wyong DCP Chapter 6.11.
It has also been classified as a potential koala habitat.
The proposal involves the staged development of the site, with stage one consisting of the subdivision of the site into three allotments, and stage two the construction of a 209 bed residential aged care facility upon proposed Lot A.
The current DA does not propose any development on the other two proposed lots.
According to a Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) submitted to Central Coast Council in support of the DA, “The proposed residential aged care facility is classified as seniors housing”, and is permissible within the B6 Enterprise Corridor Zone, under the provisions of SEPP (Housing for Seniors and People with a Disability) 2004.
“The proposed development complies with the relevant provisions of the SEPP (Housing
for Seniors and People with a Disability) 2004, the Wyong Local Environmental Plan 2013, and the Wyong Development Control Plan 2013.
“Where variations are proposed to the controls, they have been adequately justified ensuring that the building will continue to achieve the objectives of these controls,” the SEE said.
“The site is located within the North Wyong Enterprise Corridor.
“The subject site adjoins vegetated land to the north, managed vacant land to the east, Wyong North Sawmill to the west, and the Pacific Hwy to the south, with the Wyong Regional Sporting Complex to the south of that frontage.
“The site also sits within close proximity to many of the essential services required for seniors living,” the SEE said.
The first stage of the project would involve the demolition of all existing structures and the subdivision of the land into: a 12,136.18 square metre Lot A; 2,739 square metre Lot B; and, a 6,559 square metre Lot C.
Stage two would consist of the development of the aged care facility on Lot A.
The Ground floor would consist of a 17-space staff carpark, staff facilities, kitchen, laundry operations and waste room.
The first floor would include 67 bedrooms, reception and foyer, dining area, lounge areas, a servery kitchen, nursing station and 38 parking spaces.
The second floor would consist of 69 bedrooms, dining area, lounge area, servery kitchen, activities rooms, and nursing stations.
The third floor would include 73 bedrooms, a dining area, lounge areas, a servery kitchen and nursing stations.
Landscaping and provision of services would also be included in the second stage of the development.
According to the SEE: “The subdivision component of the proposed development assists in providing additional allotments for the future development of a range of employment uses, and is therefore considered to be consistent with the B6 zone.
“Whilst the objectives of the B6 zone provide for the development of residential uses, these are limited to forming part of a mixed use development.
“The residential aged care facility component of the proposed development therefore requires further consideration,” the SEE said.
Given the site was identified as having a high risk of contamination, a Supplementary Site Investigation was undertaken by Douglas Partners, who concluded the land could be made suitable, from an environmental perspective, for the proposed subdivision, subject to four recommendations.
All existing structures and stockpiles of timber and other building materials should be removed off-site to a licenced facility.
Visual inspections and validation sampling may be required beneath the previous stockpiles and structures.
“In addition, any requirements of a previous Clean Up Notice should be enacted and appropriate follow up investigations completed.
“Given the detections of asbestos, and the presence of filling, any future construction works should be undertaken under a site management plan that includes an unexpected finds protocol, to inform the appropriate management of contamination, or suspected contamination, if found.
“In relation to the presence of asbestos-containing materials … depending on the future development plans for Lot C, this area should be remediated.
This remediation would likely comprise delineation and waste classification, followed by excavation and removal offsite to a licensed waste disposal facility.
“All soils to be removed off-site will need to be classified for waste classification purposes prior to their removal off-site to a licensed waste disposal facility; and the abovementioned recommendations should be documented in a Remediation Action Plan (RAP) in accordance with SEPP 55.”
One koala food tree species, Forest Red Gum, comprises greater than 15 per cent of the total number of trees within the Wyong Paperbark Swamp Forest Vegetation community, “and therefore this area is classified under SEPP 44 as potential koala habitat,” the SEE said.
“No koalas were recorded present during a targeted survey effort, including spotlighting, call-playback, scat searches or scratches on trees.
“No koalas were considered likely to utilise the study area as core activity areas based on previous records and habitat connectivity.
“As such, the subject site is not considered to comprise Core Koala Habitat as defined under SEPP 44,” it said.
The site was identified as bushfire prone and a Bushfire Protection Assessment was prepared with the DA.
“Proposed Lots B and C are proposed for future commercial development.
“These lots have the ability to provide for adequate asset protection zones, based on the proposed future use, and will be subject to a separate DA for building construction,” the SEE said.

DA201/2018, Mar 5
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