ANZAC commemorative ceremony at Dooralong

The Dooralong Community Reserve Trust will hold an ANZAC commemorative ceremony at Dooralong Hall on March 18.
2018 marks the year of the Centenary of the end of the First World War.
During the war years, around 420,000 Australians enlisted to travel to Europe and fight in this war.
Three of these soldiers enlisted from Dooralong.
As part of the commemoration of the ending of the war, the NSW Government is undertaking a major refurbishment of the ANZAC memorial in Hyde Park, Sydney.
This refurbishment will include an Art Installation which will remember all NSW enlistees on a locality plaque.
On the Dooralong plaque will be the names of Thomas Dwyer, Roy Hall and Norman Hall.
Along with their names will be a vial of soil from their locality.
“Interestingly, the Hall brothers had two other brothers who enlisted from Morisset,” Carolyn McNamee, Dooralong Community Reserve Trust member said.
“Mr Andrew Robert Hall and Mr Cecil Hall were both killed in action and are remembered on the Cenotaph in Wyong.
“We would welcome any information on the Hall or Dwyer families, or any details of any descendants who may still live in the area,” Ms McNamee said.
“A Ceremony of Remembrance and Recognition for these men, and indeed for all persons who have been part of any campaign by Australian forces, and the collection of our locality’s soil, will be held at the Dooralong Hall.
“This coincides with March’s Music in the Park.
“Following the ceremony, afternoon tea will be served and there will be displays in the Hall,” Ms McNamee concluded.

Media release, Feb 28
Carolyn McNamee, Dooralong Community Reserve Trust

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