Development approval sought in flood prone area

A three-dwelling, multi-residential development spread over two buildings, has been proposed for a 815.7 square metre site at 15 Stewart St, The Entrance North, valued at just under $1m.
An existing house on the site would be demolished and replaced with the three new dwellings.
Townhouse one would be detached and located to the rear of the property, according to documents submitted to Central Coast Council to support the development application.
A second and third townhouse would be located in the north-west corner of the site, and share a party wall that would run north-south through the middle of the building.
The proposed development would be in a flood zone, so the developer proposed a minimum habitable floor level supported by a concrete/masonry plinth.
Council has set the minimum habitable floor level at RL (reduced levels) 2.7 metres above AHD (Australian Height Datum).
Parking spaces and entries/porches will be located 100mm above NGL (Natural Ground Level.
All other rooms will be located at the required RL as a flood planning measure.
Private open space areas have been provided above ground as decks, due to the minimum floor level of 1.5m above natural ground.
“A flood event would mean that private open space areas are under water and therefore unusable,” the SEE said.
“It is proposed that ground level private open space be given over to deep soil soft landscape areas for planting of low maintenance trees and ground covers.
“Private open spaces are integrated with the overall architectural form by creating interesting pockets and textures to allow the mass to be broken up and allow for differing levels of light penetration as viewed from the street.
“Upper levels will be steel and timber framing, clad with a rendered panel,” according to the Statement of Environmental Effects.
The Wyong LEP 2013 allows a floor space ratio of 0.5:1 and the proposed development exceeds that by just under six per cent.
“The proposed FSR is over by 5.66 per cent and is due to a combination of the awkward shape of the site and flooding constraints,” the Statement of Environmental Effects said.
“The proposal has complied or bettered minimum boundary setbacks and has also provided an additional 10 per cent of soft landscape area, and an additional 34 per cent of Deep Soil Zone area,” the SEE said.
“Large windows will provide a level of transparency to the street, while Batten Screens will control privacy and give a level of texture to the mass and depth of the building.
The subject site is zoned R1 General Residential under Wyong LEP 2013, so multi-dwelling housing developments are permitted with consent.
Wyong Development Control Plan 2013 sets the maximum building height at 8.5 metres above natural ground level, and maximum ceiling level to the top floor at 7.0m above natural ground level.
DCP 2013 sets the minimum Front Boundary setback at 4.5m from (Category C) Stewart St.
The building is set back 6.0m from the front boundary and is therefore an improvement on the minimum requirement.
Side setbacks are to be a minimum of 900mm or greater, and are also compliant.
Rear setbacks are to be a minimum of 4.5m.
The rear setback to Townhouse 1 is 4.5m and is compliant.
Minimum building separation is a recommendation only, as a minimum of 12.0m, but separation provided falls short of the recommendation, at 9.75m and 10.7m between front and back buildings.
“The proposal is in keeping with the scale of the evolving surrounding built environment, primarily being large two-storey, single residential, multi residential, and dual occupancy developments,” the SEE said.
“The Entrance North is a precinct undergoing a transition of development, and the proposed bulk and height of the building is within the desired future character of the area.
The proposed development seeks to make use of three separate driveways for the three townhouses.
“As the driveways are dedicated to each townhouse – it is proposed that they be constructed as permeable driveways of either concrete planks with planting/pebbles between or a porous paving system.
“It is considered that the proposed porous driveway system making up only 36% of the width of the street boundary, mixed with generous planting in the street setback and a well detailed boundary fence of solid and batten screens will be an asset to the street scape of Stewart Street.

Website, Feb 5
Wyong DA Tracker, DA75/2018

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