Farnell Rd proposal raises climate change questions

The council is preparing a climate change policy, adoption time frame unknown.
Will the Farnell Rd, Woy Woy, development proposal be assessed against this policy?
Has this development been designed to provide the most comfortable living conditions for occupants during the now longer summer season with extreme temperatures, or is it standard design that overlooks exacerbation of climate change during the life of the development?
Increased housing density, more heat absorbing materials and surfaces, landscaping replacing tree cover, open space covered in building footprints, increased heat island effect, natural airflow restricted, makes the climate change policy a very controversial document.
Temperatures will undoubtedly rise.
With local coastal erosion and flooding, the level of interest has increased.
Public comment will be very interesting.
Does the editor have information?
Will the policy be displayed?

Letter, 23 Jun 2018
Norman Harris, Umina

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