Norma celebrates 100th birthday

Norma Peterson, Biddy Abrahams, Mabel Laidlow, Frances Dawson, Edna Burt and Dot Devine celebrate with Peninsula Village chief Mr Shane Neaves.

Norma Peterson has celebrated her 100th birthday at a local retirement village.
In May, she became one of six residents who have reached their 100th birthday at Peninsula Village in Umina.
“Norma joins fellow Peninsula Village residents Dot Devine (104), Biddy Abrahams (101),
Edna Burt (101), Mabel Laidlaw (100) and Frances Dawson (100) in reaching this prestigious milestone,” said Peninsula Village chief Mr Shane Neaves.
“All of our centenarians have lived very fulfilling lives.
“Some were born overseas, while others were born just minutes down the road.”
The six spent the day sharing their memories of the 1910s, living through more than 23 Australian Prime Ministers, two World Wars and the Great Depression, as well as all the wonderful years with family and friends.”
Mr Neaves said the women were spread between the village’s various facilities which cater for all levels of care.
“Regardless of what their age may be, the centenarians stay very involved in our leisure and lifestyle activities and regularly partake in excursions and special events which Peninsula Villages offers all our residents.

Media release, 20 Jun 2018
Katey Small, Brilliant Logic

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