The ABC is doing its job

Our ABC is under attack as never before.
This surely points to the fact that it is doing its job.
This push to rid the country of the ABC is being led by the Institute of Public Affairs, a right wing think tank.
They have published a book on the subject, even suggesting that the ABC should be given away.
Mitch Fifield, our Communications Minister, is a member of that Institute.
Any true think tank would surely concede that many of our Royal Commissions or investigations into corruption and evil within our society have followed the objective fact finding of our Four Corners journalists.
Isn’t it our democratic right to know what is really going on?
Which commercial media outlet is going to bother with our regional or rural areas of Australia, or in giving farmers weather reports or providing up to date information in fire or flood?
There’s no money to be made in those areas.
People of other countries listen and watch our ABC.
It is a means of soft diplomacy and it enlightens and educates as well as entertains people, not only in Australia but all over the world.
It is used in teaching, especially English to migrants and is the source of much dinner table/barbecue, discussion.
The IPA and many coalition politicians think that the ABC is too left wing.
Doesn’t that depend on where you start from?
Fascists would probably find Eric Abetz too left wing or even Malcolm Turnbull.
It would be lovely to live in a country where we could discuss facts about a matter without being labelled right or left.
Express your concerns about these attacks on our journalists, on our very democracy to your politicians.
Our independent ABC is essential to our democracy.

Email, 26 Jun 2018
Margaret Lund, Woy Woy Bay

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