Forgotten north and south both miss out

I am finding it increasingly frustrating how both the southern and northern ends of the Central Coast seem to be competing more and more for the title of most forgotten community in the region.
Yes, Wyong and the Coast’s northern most suburbs have been short-changed by our latest budget and have had less and less investment since the amalgamation.
Yes, the Woy Woy Peninsula has been hard done by for going on two decades.
Both of these regions make up a colossal portion of our population and economy, and they also contain some of our Coast’s most beautiful and attractive tourism opportunities.
So why then are these communities seemingly vying for the title of most hard done by like they were applying for a Centrelink payment, as opposed to the real issue that’s been sucking the life out of the Central Coast region, the blatant favouritism for some postcodes over others when it comes time to divvying out funding?
The Central Coast is not a region, it is Terrigal and Gosford, and until the forgotten north and the forgotten south start to realise that it doesn’t matter who’s the worst off, it will remain that way.
Do your bit to make them remember.

Email, Jul 6
DL James, Budgewoi

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