Lucky escape for learner

The Dyer’s Kia Sorrento is a complete write off

A learner driver and her mother have survived a dramatic motor vehicle incident with a suspected drunk driver, in San Remo.
Ms Sheree Dyer and her 16-year-old daughter Kitayleah were undertaking a driving lesson along Scenic Dve when a black utility, travelling erratically and at speed, crossed into their lane and slammed into the front of their vehicle, just before 2pm, on July 1.
The whole incident was captured on Ms Dyer’s dashcam and has since gone viral.
Neither Ms Dyer nor her daughter were seriously injured, but both sustained severe bruising from their seatbelts.
Both driver and front passenger airbags deployed saving the pair from further injury.
“I just screamed, ‘Mum, I don’t know what to do’, and then we hit a tree,” Kitayleah told reporters following the incident.
“There were ambulances everywhere and I just thought someone had died.
“We’ve definitely got an angel watching over us.
“People like that just shouldn’t be on the road.
“That was just crazy,” she said.
Ms Dyer said the incident was terrifying and that her daughter, who was only behind the wheel for the third time since obtaining her Learner’s Permit, was now too terrified to drive.
Witnesses reported that the driver of the utility, a 24-year-old male, had been seen driving in an erratic and unsafe manner along Scenic Dve prior to the incident.
He was taken to Wyong Hospital for mandatory blood and alcohol testing.
Investigations are continuing.

Press conference, Jul 3
Sheree and Kityaleah Dyer, San Remo

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