Mines similar to Wallarah II have not been problematic

Wallarah II’s planned longwall mine is similar to Centennial Coal’s Mandalong longwall mine.
Centennial commenced longwall mining in 2005, to supply coal to Lake Macquarie power stations and to export.
The Mandalong Southern Extension Approval in 2015 extends the mine to just north of the Buttonderry tip.
That is, within Central Coast Council boundary.
As I lived in the area and the intended mine extension goes under my dams and house, I was invited by Centennial to information meetings with other property owners.
I visited a large area of the valley, and the Watagans, that had been mined, to see for myself the impact on the landscape that mining has had.
I have to say that there was no noticeable impact on the terrain at all.
Discussions with other property owners confirmed that they, too, were quite satisfied with the mine under their properties, and there was no apprehension about water, noise or particle contamination.
The Wallarah 2 Mine starts just south of the Buttonderry tip, and I expect the geology is identical to just north of it, except that the coal is a bit deeper.
Therefore, I cannot understand why there is so much opposition to the Wallarah 2 mine when it has been subjected to much more modern rigorous scrutiny and technical analysis than previous approved mine applications.
So, from my perspective, Wallarah two should proceed so that we can secure jobs for Wyong, royalties for NSW, and electricity for the South Korean people.

Email, Jul 3
Merv Church, Mardi

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