The battle is lost

We want to drown our sorrows in beer, like old timers, and call them bastards.
We want to scream and shout from on high in frustration.
We want rent a mob to come and fight in our corner and cause mayhem.
But no.
We walk off the field of battle with our heads high.
We maintain our dignity and hold the moral high ground.
What good will it do us?
The battle for Kangy Angy is lost.
The cost is high.
Does anyone care?
When you’re up against vested interest, litigation threats and political arrogance, it is very difficult to fight in your corner and land a punch.
We can only hope that Mother Nature will have her say and provide us with some vindication.
That is all we have left.

Email, Jul 1
Susan Zgraja, Fountaindale

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