Community loses confidence in Council planning

As proposals for high rise development come before Council in increasing numbers for the Peninsula, I wonder what information Council relies upon to assess the impacts of building high rise on land that was formed as an ancient sandpit.
How are the assessments done on the water table in the light of multiple proposals for buildings with underground car parks?
What technical Information base does Council rely on in assessing the viability and impacts of these proposals?
What traffic studies has Council done against which concentrated car movements are assessed?
Already at peak hours traffic piles up between Woy Woy and the oval adjacent to Meals on Wheels from 8am as cars try to navigate in volume along single lane streets.
I would also like to see the latest sea level rise assessments that Council is working on in its approvals for major developments such as the bowling club redevelopment at Ettalong.
The community has lost confidence in Council’s strategic planning to understand and take account of infrastructure needed to accommodate the new developments as they are dealt with on one-off bases.
Council’s latest ‘trial ‘ of community buses does not even travel to either Pearl Beach or Patonga, both devoid of public transport except for commuter and school services at the start and end of each day.
A further significant concern is Council’s failure to adequately address the worsening state of Patonga Dr ascending Mt Ettalong.
It promised to address this deteriorating road back in 2000, by placing it on the forward estimates for development.
After nearly 39 years, do we have to wait for a major landslide and potential loss of life as well as isolation of these communities before Council sees the need for upkeep of drains and the sinking and spreading roadway?
It shows signs of cracking that two geotechnical reports back in 1990s drew attention to.
The additional traffic to Patonga and the current weather in the face of leaves and stone that have not been cleared from entry to the drains for over a year is frightening.

Email, 3 Jul 2018
Kay Williams, Pearl Beach

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