Development approval will be used as a precedent

The approval for the development application of a six unit development on a 752.4 square metre block at 24 Edward St, Woy Woy, will mark the end of the Woy Woy Peninsula development that we currently enjoy on smaller blocks.
Developers will in future be able to cite this development as an example of what can be developed on a smaller block.
Unsightly block-like structures built too close together will become the new normal in our suburb.
Gone will be the future development of two or three villas-townhouses on a small block.
The more units on a block of course the bigger the profit for the developer.
Who cares about the look of the area and the overcrowding?
The report from Clarke Dowdle and Associates supporting the proposed development lists recently approved developments with multi-unit developments with the same design, scale, height, setbacks, site cover and parking in the Woy Woy Peninsula.
All these multi-unit developments on a single lot except one are for two or three villas or townhouses.
The one exception is the proposed development for four villas at 37 Edward Street Woy Woy on a 980 square metre block.
There are no six unit approved developments on a single lot in this list.
The report from Clarke Dowdle and Associates also includes the Desired Character of the Sandplain Medium Density to be considered when developing in the location of this six unit development application.
Unfortunately it only includes the first two paragraphs of this section of the desired characters as shown in the Gosford Development Control Plan and conveniently excludes the last four paragraphs that relate to the features of the building desired to retain some of the appearance and modest scale of mid-twentieth century bungalows.
Some of these desired features include avoiding long or continuous buildings, stepping the shape and height of all visible facades, individual dwelling pavilions and a preferable “light weight appearance” for all visible facades.
This two storey six unit development proposal is not consistent with recently developed sites in Edward St.
I can’t see much in the design that reflects the features of the mid-twentieth century bungalow particularly with the first floor overhanging the ground floor and the continuous building line of the ground floor.
The development will shade the neighbouring property on the southern boundary in winter.
The noise from the two stairwells on the south side of the ground floor required to give access to the four first floor units will be an issue for the property on the southern boundary.
With rear lane access available just so much more could have been achieved to create a less block-like building which would be in keeping with recent developments in Edward St.

Email, 12 Jul 2018
Jane Dove, Woy Woy

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