Parish must make submission in absence of vicar

At a time when the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle is facing the need to make financial reparations to community members who were victims of sexual abuse in the past, it seems strange that it should be looking to shut down some of its presence across the diocese.
The Parish of Woy Woy has been asked to consider how it might consolidate its ministries at St Lukes, Woy Woy, thus closing St Andrews, Umina.
The Parish has been given until August 10 to provide a written response about plans for the Parish and for the Diocese as a whole.
Bishop Dr Peter Stuart has advised that he hopes to have clear plans in place by November 30 with a view to their implementation in 2019.
Meanwhile, the vicar of Woy Woy, the Reverend Canon Michael Davies, is on long service leave and is on pilgrimage in Europe.
He is not expected to return before the response date.
In my view closure of Anglican churches in Umina, Point Clare and The Entrance simply sends a signal of rejection to the wider community and demands that they fit into Church plans for fewer local establishments.
In a way, it seems to add insult to injury for those who have suffered abuses in the past.

Email, 11 Jul 2018
Jack Lloyd, Umina

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