Submissions total 114 against Farnell Rd proposal

A total of 114 submissions had been lodged with Central Coast Council opposing a development on the corner of Farnell and Blackwall Rd by the deadline on July 12.
“It has been a wonderful effort by all who have contributed and supported our campaign against the development,” said Save Our Woy Woy chairman Mr Harvey McDougall.
“It is with Council planners and the planning department first,” Mr McDougall said.
“They have to do all their own investigations and checks, wrangle through all our submissions and decide if they need to do some further investigations,” he said.
“That could include requesting the applicant to re-submit alterations to their application or even re-do it in its entirety.
“The time frame from here on is not written down.
“It could be a month, two months, six months or longer.”
The group emailed all 15 councillors with their concerns about the project and Mr McDougall said nine responded.
“I have emailed Premier Ms Gladys Berejiklian, State Planning Minister Mr Anthony Roberts, and the Parliamentary Secretary of the Central Coast, Mr Scot MacDonald.
Mr McDougall said the group wanted that part of Woy Woy zoned the same as all the rest of our town, R2 Residential, which will limit height to 8.5 metres.
“There is a DA in Council now for 27 residential units and seven town houses on the corner of Blackwall and Farnell Rd,” Mr McDougall said.
“This development has been received by the community with amazement, anger, and unity against such a structure as well as a huge impact on our infrastructure and quiet life,” he said.
“The community, mostly, was not aware of the zoning of height of buildings and floor space ratio for this part of Woy Woy.
“Our concern is where it will lead our town into the future.
“Woy Woy is a local tourist resort for holiday makers, has been in the past, is still at present and will continue into the future.
“However, we need to do something about the planning to avoid changing our town from a holiday location to another concrete jungle suburb like Sydney suburbs.”

Emails, 7, 12 Jul 2018
Harvey McDougall, Save our Woy Woy

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