66-lot subdivision for small lot housing proposed

House 65, 66 and 67 looking north

A 66-lot subdivision for small lot housing, valued at $20.7m, has been proposed for 533 and 539 Pacific Hwy and 24 Van Stappen Rd, Wadalba.
The application to Central Coast Council proposes a staged subdivision of Lots 1, 2 and 4, approved under the recently issued consent for DA1435/2015, and for the erection of single dwelling houses upon each of the “child lots”.
This portion of the masterplan relates to the residual component of Lot 4 within the DA1435/2015 and the entirety of 24 Van Stappen Road.
The development is proposed in an R2 Low Density Residential Zone, with some land zoned SP2 Infrastructure Road and Traffic Facility.
The application seeks consent for two distinct stages, Stage 5 and 6, which will complete the overall masterplan.
Land zoned R2 Low Density Residential, has a 450 square metre minimum allotment size provision applicable, but the developer is relying on a clause in the planning controls “that permits the subdivision of land into five or more lots of a size that is less than the minimum size shown on the Lot Size Map in relation to that land, and incorporates the erection of a dwelling house on each lot resulting from the subdivision”.
Lot sizes proposed range in area from 200.03 square metres (Lot 181) to 357.74 square metres (Lot 128), with single dwelling houses proposed on each individual lot.
Stage 5 will consist of the subdivision of the remaining portion of Lot 4 into 31 lots, and the development of single dwelling houses upon each lot.
Stage 6 will consist of the subdivision of Lot 1 and 2 into 35 lots, and the development of single dwelling houses upon each lot.
“The subject allotment is located in a low density, sub-urban area, amongst large residential holdings displaying aged structures,” a Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) submitted to Council in support of the proposal said.
“The site is bounded by the Pacific Hwy to the north, beyond which are established, low density, residential lands.
“Vacant land exists to the south and an adjoining low density residential subdivision is located to the west, which is currently under development.
“Stage 3 of the same subdivision exists to the east, including through connection to Settlers Rd.
“This existing connection will extend into and form access to this portion of the overall subdivision plan.
“The site is located centrally within the Wadalba Township.”
The subject allotment is bushfire affected (Vegetation Buffer) so a Bushfire Risk Management accompanied the DA.
“At the time of mapping and identifying the locality based risk, significantly varied conditions existed,” the SEE said.
“We highlight that progressive subdivision and built form works have occurred in the locality around the premise.
“Subsequently, the level of risk has varied greatly since mapping the locality.
“We note the north-eastern corner of the parent lot is identified as being affected by flooding on the Flood Planning mapping layer of the LEP.
“We understand this area generally correlates to the part of the site required to be set aside for drainage purposes, with the final extent of land required for this purpose and the nature and extent of drainage works required to contain flooding in this part of the site to be addressed as part of the future small lot housing application.”
The applicant also submitted individual dwelling designs for each allotment.
“The design of individual dwellings is varied and provides architectural interest in the context of the proposed subdivision,” the SEE said.
“All proposed lots have a minimum frontage width exceeding 7.5m with widths up to 16m proposed and are predominantly rectangular in shape.
Zero boundary setbacks are proposed for some of the dwellings.

DA774/2018, Jul 24
Wyong DA Tracker, Central Coast Council

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