Plea for the pelicans

Pelican Feeding at The Entrance has been utilised as a main tourist attractant for almost three decades.
Around 300,000 tourists have been quoted as visiting the site annually.
Pelicans have also been an attractant to the Woy Woy Peninsula for over 45 years with a lower profile in terms of “tourism dollars”.
This is my 21st year of addressing the significant injuries to pelicans in a tourist environment.
The most obvious and concerning issue is that further monetising of this enigmatic species could contribute to the demise of the “Goose that lays the Golden Egg”.
Negligible money is reinvested directly in the pelicans.
“Monetising” further is not the question that needs to be asked.
Consultation is well overdue with volunteers who are significantly burdened by shocking, life threatening impacts upon exploited birds.
The opportunity that the reinvigorated Council has is how do we holistically care for and invest in the future of this species?

Email, Jul 23
Wendy Gillespie, Woy Woy

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