Proposed six-storey affordable housing building attracts many objections

An artist’s impression of the Dunleigh St affordable housing building

Over 70 submissions have been received by Central Coast Council objecting to a proposed affordable housing project at 6 to 10 Dunleigh St, Toukley.
The $9.1m, 38-unit residential flat building will be considered for approval by the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) because it comes under the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) for affordable housing, but a JRPP meeting date has not yet been set.
Multiple submissions argued that the six-storey building height was completely out of character with the surrounding area.
Inadequate off-street parking, 20 car spaces for 40 units, was another point raised in multiple objections.
“Forty units would be completely out of character with the detached houses that surround this development,” one submission said.
“The apartments over the road in Main Rd are low-rise, lake-frontage and a mix of permanent and holiday lettings, virtually all of which have larger floor plans than this proposed development,” it said.
“Employment opportunities are limited in Toukley.
“Main Rd is already very busy and 40 units will add considerably to the congestion that is beginning to emerge.”
According to another submission, written by a Toukley resident of 40 years, “In the proposed plan the …building exceeds the height limit by 7.1 metres, surely that cannot be allowed.”
The resident also explained that Dunleigh St is currently used by vehicles avoiding several traffic calming devices along Main Rd.
Another resident called for the developer to provide paved footpaths from Moss Ave to Yaralla Rd, leading to Main Rd.
Yet another submission writer opposed to the height of the project said: “The height of the proposed building…goes way above the current three-storey height limitation.
“The residents of Toukley do not want a development of six storeys, and in particular, the residents directly surrounding the site, strongly object.
“Council has previously adopted the Toukley Planning Strategy in October 2010, which outlined the limitations on building height in order to maintain the village feel to the suburb.
“The developers have proposed a building with such a scale that it is in complete disrespect of the surrounding neighbours and the village overall.
“The development would intrude on the privacy of many of the surrounding residents, many of whom are long-term residents and who have moved into Toukley to be away from such developments,” the submission said.
Another common objection was the proposed use of Tamar Ave as an entry/exit point for traffic and kerbside parking.
“Tamar Ave does not function as a two-way street,” one submission said.
“It is narrow, and if two cars are driving along the street in opposite directions, one car will have to pull over onto the grass nature strip in order for the other to pass.
“There is no room for parking on the kerbside of Tamar Ave, cars park on the nature strip, and as such, there are already neighbourly disputes when people park in front of another neighbour’s property,” it said.
Privacy and social cohesion were also raised in submissions from community members.
“It is also important to note that the developers have positioned their affordable rental scheme unit block adjacent to a hotel with a past history of anti-social behaviour…with a murder happening on the corner of Dunleigh St only a few years ago.
“Even if the affordable rental scheme was directed to accommodate elderly people, such elderly people would not be interested in living across the road from… a very noisy hotel, with its music being heard well beyond the surrounding streets.”
Council will prepare an assessment report prior to the JRPP meeting to discuss this development.
Wyong Regional Chronicle has asked Council if, due to the number of submissions, the proposal will also be discussed at a future public Council meeting in order for Councillors to also make a submission to the JRPP.
A response had not been received at the time of going press.

DA44/2018, Jul 23
Wyong DA Tracker, Central Coast Council

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