Remaining largely old growth trees destroyed

Undoubtedly, Central Coast Councillors are all likely heartily sick of me whingeing about land development in the north of the former Wyong Shire, and around Hamlyn Terrace in particular, off Violet and Georgia Dves.
Like the boy who cried wolf, I’ve cried, either directly, or indirectly, on numerous occasions, to call a halt to murdering trees, especially old growth trees.
I can assure you, the worst has now happened.
This time, it is not a false alarm, and my repeated requests for help have been met with, as far as I’m concerned, meaningless platitudes.
It was suggested that I submit a GIPA form to Council, when I know, full well, I either will be denied the information, or that this DA was approved, probably well before any of the current Councillors were elected.
Most of the remaining, largely old growth, trees have been destroyed since last Thursday (July 5).
Despite my fervent hope that those elected to the new Central Coast Council, with espoused environmental credibility, or credentials, would take a stand, I now thank them all for absolutely nothing on behalf of the few who care, but, especially, those without voices, the delightful native birds who are now circling in panic.
Not only are their nesting places being destroyed, but also, their roosting trees, which they had either retreated to, or had been driven to in this last remaining decent bit of old growth forest, degraded as it might have been.
The incongruity of hearing Clr Greg Best, speaking this morning on ABC Radio 92.5 Central Coast about cats killing native birds, when, in reality, the greatest threat, across Australia, is loss of habitat, won’t be lost upon me and, I trust, others who are genuinely concerned about the loss of habitat and wildlife.
The undeniable truth is that it is fat cats, of the human type, especially developers and their mates, who are responsible for the greatest loss of all forms of native flora and fauna.
I urge all councillors to come up here and see, for themselves, the absolutely, mindlessly unnecessary and environmentally destructive murder of old growth trees, for the sake of completing the rape of this small corner of remnant native vegetation containing some increasingly rare specimens of old growth trees, north of Wyong.
I can provide details of all the native birds which I know used the old trees, however, as they aren’t, yet, part of some endangered ecological community, or similar claptrap, I will likely also get the usual claptrap about your hands being tied.
Surely, more than six months after being elected to Council, it wasn’t too much to ask, or expect, better of our Councillors, when it came to an environmental issue of significance, regardless of the DA for the land impacted upon having been approved, presumably, long before their election?
Is this area, like Western Sydney, where once there were green belts, to become like that hell hole of the future?
While I’m at it, has anyone been able to ascertain at whose behest, the reason/s for and who approved, in October 2016, removal of most of the few street trees remaining in Warnervale Rd, from near Warnervale Public School, to and including, Primrose Dve, from the intersection of Peony Pl, following the severe storms in April, 2013, when many were damaged and destroyed?
I complained to Council and was met with dismissive indifference by the employee to whom I spoke.
I was, very curtly, informed that they were removed as they were interfering with infrastructure.
What absolute nonsense, as I’ve expressed each time I’ve raised the matter, again, directly, or indirectly, with what “infrastructure “ were the immature or insignificant street trees, “interfering”, or likely to cause a problem to?

Email, Jul 9
Karl Schaerf, Hamlyn Terrace

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