The Whitfields celebrate 60 years of marriage

Jeanine Whitfield, Catherine Samuels, Keith Whitfield, Joan Whitfield and Louise Whitfield Photo by Niki Ryan

Long-time Woy Woy residents, Mr and Mrs Keith and Joan Whitfield, have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in July.
The Whitfield’s grew up and met in Ryde, became childhood sweethearts and married on July 11, 1958.
They had three daughters and moved their family to Woy Woy in 1964, building a modest home and planting a native garden.
The couple still live in the same family home and the garden has won several awards in the local garden competitions.
Mr Whitfield has had a history of service to the Central Coast.
He worked in the Post Office in Woy Woy for over 40 years, served as an alderman for the Gosford Council as well as deputy mayor.

Mr Whitfield was an instrumental figure in saving Riley’s Island from development as well as saving Woy Woy Library from being demolished.
He was an announcer on a local over 50’s Radio Station as well as an amateur actor in various local stage shows.
Mrs Whitfield managed a corner store with her brother-in-law at Booker Bay, then went on to manage local fashion and jewellery stores as well as provide book keeping services.
They raised three girls all of whom have successful careers.
One is a lawyer, one a counsellor and the other a teacher.
The pair celebrated their 60th anniversary at Saddles Restaurant, Mt White, with their family, friends and the original members of their wedding party – all bar one who sadly died a few weeks prior.
When asked what makes a happy and long marriage, Mrs Whitfield said: “Having love in home with your children, being loyal to each other despite your ups and downs.”
Mr Whitfield said the key to a long-lasting marriage was realising that no marriage will ever be perfect and that accepting the bad with the good was the true test of commitment.
“I find it unbelievable that some persons who have discussed long marriages report they never had a cross word, marriages were made in heaven – but so were storms and tempest.
“Good and bad days are to be expected.
“One of the blessings of marriage is companionship and like-thinking so we have enjoyed the ride,” he said.
The Whitfield’s have received cards and well wishes from the Queen, the Prime Minister, the Governor General and his wife, as well as Member for Warringah Mr Tony Abbott.

Media release, 21 Jul 2018
Louise Whitfield, Woy Woy

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