Catchments and Coast Committee – Tuggerah Lakes held its inaugural meeting

Councillor, Doug Vincent, has been appointed Chair of the Catchment and Coast Committee for Tuggerah Lakes.
The Catchments and Coast Committee – Tuggerah Lakes, held its inaugural meeting on Wednesday, June 27.
The Committee recommended a revised draft Terms of Reference, including the Advisory Group’s recommendations, be reported to Council as soon as practicable.
The Committee recommended to Council that the Committee meetings be held bi-monthly.
Council staff have commented that “there are significant resource impacts arising from increasing the meeting frequency of the Committee.
“A conservative estimate for the cost for each Committee meeting is $6,516 per meeting,” according to staff.
According to minutes from the first meeting of the committee, its priorities will include lake edge wrack, education, the catchments to coast concept, environmental grant opportunities, identifying new outreach opportunities, gross pollutant traps and nutrient run off.
Agenda items for the next meeting will include grant funding opportunities.
Peter Ham, Council’s Unit Manager for Waterways and Coastal Protection, will also attend the next meeting with an update on lake edge wrack, including related past, current and future actions, and a summary of what is in the 2018-19 budget.

Agenda item 5.5, Aug 13
Central Coast Council ordinary meeting

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