David Mehan joined the chorus of calls to stop clearing of native vegetation

Member for The Entrance, David Mehan, joined the chorus of calls for the NSW Government to immediately halt all clearing of native vegetation at the proposed site of the Kangy Angy Rail Maintenance Facility.
“Concerns have been raised that protected native vegetation might have been cleared without approval, as well as clearing taking place in areas marked as ‘vegetation to be retained’ on publically available plans and outside the project boundaries.
David Mehan said he and local residents had opposed the development since it was announced, noting that there were other more appropriate locations on the Central Coast, most notably near Warnervale.
“I ask the Government to halt clearing works currently being done and investigate the extent of the clearing before irreparable damage is done to the local environment ecological communities,” he said.
“The Government gave assurances regarding local vegetation and they must abide by them.”

Media release, Jul 27
David Mehan, Member for The Entrance

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