The Whitfields were fantastic role models


After reading of the wonderful achievement of Keith and Joan Whitfield’s 60th wedding anniversary, so rare in this day and age, I would like to share with everyone what fantastic role models the Whitfields were to me and many other teenagers in 1970s and 80s.
We were friends of Mr and Mrs Whitfield’s daughters.
Their tolerance, generosity and understanding seemed almost limitless.
They welcomed us into their home, often feed us and would even give a lift home on occasion.
Advice with a smile was always available when needed.
I have treasured memories of that era.
Such a different world we now live in.
Mr Whitfield’s letters to the editor, his humour, passion for local history and topical comments are enjoyed by a large following of people I know.
We all look for his letters with expectation.
The Whitfields are an iconic local family and I only hope I can be a nearly as good a role model to the young people in my life as Mr and Mrs Whitfield were to me.
I was lucky to have them in my life.
Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and beautiful family.

Email, 9 Aug 2018
Brian Lewis, Umina

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