Kangy Angy moonscape is worse than the NSW drought


John Asquith’s comments relating to academic, Glen Albrecht, have wider implications, as NSW farmers deal with another disastrous weather-climate event.
In the most recent Community Environment Network advertisement, Mr Asquith described “solastalgia” as the “pain or sickness caused by the loss or lack of solace, and the sense of desolation connected to the present state of one’s home or territory”.
Assistance will be provided to the farmers, but the scale of the problem is overwhelming.
The matter is receiving widespread coverage.
NSW, to use Mr Asquith’s description, resembles a moonscape.
Consider the same moonscape at Kangy Angy, and the vastly different attitude from the city relatives.
Destruction of the environment is supported by politicians and the government in the name of progress and growth.
It is certainly a case study of environmental management in the country and in the city.
The moonscape at Kangy Angy has brought the same distressing conditions experienced by NSW farmers to the NSW Central Coast and its residents.
Kangy Angy will not recover, the loss is permanent.
Another break in the chain.

Letter, Aug 6
Norm Harris, Umina

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