Why are Councillors seeking Parliamentary Privilege?


The emperor’s new Councillors have moved from local transparency promises to parliamentary privilege.
As always, politicians get slammed for not representing what they stood for at the election that got them the seat.
However once in power, it appears anything goes.
If we can remember back to the 2017 Central Coast Council elections, there was a massive movement for, and overuse of, the term ‘transparency’.
We, the residents of the Central Coast, were told by the bulk of those standing for a role in the newly formed Council, that they would clear the cobwebs and show full transparency.
Yet now, almost 12 months on, a sly suggestion was put forward by a currently elected Councillor who would like this addressed at the 2018 Local Government NSW Conference.
However, something struck me about this question: “That we advocate Councillors be given the equivalent of parliamentary privilege for comments and statements made inside the Council Chambers (Central Coast Council Minutes 13/08/2018).”
One doesn’t have to don a trench coat and reach for the magnifying glass to realise that this request is a blanketed approach to cover oneself, should and when the need arises.
Therefore, I ask of local Councillors, why would you require anything like Parliamentary Privilege?
What comments are coming?
Who are we protecting?
It’s time for Central Coast Council to actually put big party politics aside and get back to running and representing the people of their region.

Email, Aug 30
Aaron Harpley-Carr, Tumbi Umbi

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