Save Our Woy Woy group to hold public meeting

Save Our Woy Woy community group will hold a public meeting at Woy Woy Leagues Club on Tuesday, October 16.
“The meeting is going to cover where we are up to with the development application DA54551/2018,” said group founder Mr Harvey McDougall.
“The meeting will also include the broader issue of zoning,” he said.
“We want to let people know their homes may be in a zone where their single house or townhouse might end up surrounded by buildings of three storeys or more.
“We want to let people know the limits of the planning controls creep up every time someone puts a development application in.
“It is important to get reactions and make sure community’s voices are heard,” he said.
More information is available on the Save Our Woy Woy facebook page.

Interview, 3 Oct 2018
Harvey McDougall, Save Our Woy Woy
Reporter: Jackie Pearson

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