Caroline Bay Reserve to be reduced for new Teahouse

I am writing to express my concern at Central Coast Council’s proposal (DA 55218/2018) to take back 550sqm of Caroline Bay Reserve to build a Teahouse on behalf of the Urasenke Foundation.
The designated area is used at present as a recreational area for all and incorporates an off leash dog area.
The off leash area is used daily by many residents for the wellbeing of their dogs, their children and in fact themselves.
As Council allows further residential development in the East Gosford/Caroline Bay Peninsula area, the number of residents is growing.
This changing footprint is creating more apartments and less backyards, and surely must necessitate careful planning of the recreational infrastructure for our future needs.
Decreasing the size of recreational reserves and the off lead area seems absurd.
I believe it’s my Council’s role to prioritise the needs of its residents.
The cultural and culinary needs of this area are well served by the existing Edogawa Japanese Gardens, Teahouse, Art Gallery and cafe/restaurant, and I don’t understand why this complex has to be expanded at the expense of our parkland and breathing space.
If it’s necessary to build a new Teahouse for the Urasenke Foundation, why can’t it be placed at a less obtrusive site around the garden complex, or in fact replace the existing Teahouse within the Gardens.

Email, Sep 27
Tony Kavanagh, East Gosford

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