Co-ordinator general claim is rather rich

Lee Shearer’s claim that she has been presented as disingenuous on the possible waterfront development at Gosford (Coast Community News edition 192) is rather rich, given the gross inadequacies of the draft Development Control Plan.
The NSW Department of Planning must think we are mugs in trying to push through a totally inadequate consultation process for a convoluted document designed to cloud, rather than enlighten, the community on what planning will be allowed.
I would like to point out to Ms Shearer that this document is called a “Development Control Plan” because it needs to show what are the “controls on development” to be put into place by authorities, who should be looking after the long-term interests of community.
Instead, public servants, acting on the instruction of Sydney politicians, seem to view the current DCP as a “Development Consent Plan.”
The lack of any real controls will allow developers to cut a swathe through any sustainable development policies to create an urban landscape which has already ruined the quality of life of many Sydneysiders.
The current DCP for Gosford has been highlighted by many other writers to this newspaper as a flawed document, which does not answer the simplest development control questions; What are the maximum building heights and densities that will be allowed in Gosford’s precincts?
The Planning Department needs to come clean with their intentions for Gosford, with a document for public consultation that is in plain English, and answers basic development consent questions for the community to judge.
Instead, the current draft DCP will simply allow for more of the planning disasters which brought us tax and finance offices to our waterfront.
Rather than pushing their own development agenda, l suggest that the Minister for Planning and the Coordinator General defer to the real community authority on local planning matters, which is the Central Coast Council.

Email, Oct 3
Dr Tahir Turk, Springfield

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