Apology to Mr Barry Buffier AM

In July Central Coast Newspapers published an article relating to Mr Barry Buffier headed “Former EPA boss appointed to waste industry giant”. Mr Buffier claims the article contained serious, misinformed criticism of him.
We unreservedly apologise to Mr Buffier for not giving him the opportunity to respond to any of the claims made in the article which may have unfairly impugned his reputation or integrity.
At no time did we approach or give Mr Buffier the opportunity to respond to the veracity of the criticisms raised in the article.
Mr Buffier said that the NSW EPA under his leadership had been very proactive in enforcing compliance with environmental legislation bearing in mind the limitations of the resources at his disposal.
We recognize that under Mr Buffier the EPA completed 103 prosecutions in 2016-17 compared to 11 by the Victorian EPA.
Fines in NSW were more than 10 times higher than the Victorian total and NSW had the best prosecution record in Australia.
In the six years under Mr Buffier’s leadership, the EPA had a success rate in excess of 95 per cent in the prosecutions it undertook. This ensured public money was not wasted and a vast amount was achieved in terms of environmental protection.
Mr Buffier is continuing his interest in, and commitment to, environmental matters by accepting a position on the board of a major corporation which has a strong track record in recycling resources which would otherwise go to landfill.
In this role he is able to support proactive conduct by industry members in the field of waste recycling and compliance.

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