Rowing marathon raised $5,000 for the Black Dog Institute

Local crossfit enthusiasts have raised $5000 for the Black Dog Institute

Crossfit Minerva, a specialist gym based in Tuggerah, has raised $5,000 for the Black Dog Institute, through a rowing marathon, on November 25.
The mammoth marathon saw 17 rowing teams each strap themselves down for a 3.5 hour rowing session that saw each team row more than 42 kilometres each.
“Our first Black Dog Row for Mental Health was a huge success, thanks to so many corporate and community supporters,” said Crossfit Minerva Head Coach, Tommy Parrish.
“It was a huge effort for a great cause.
“Mental health is something that affects so many of us directly or indirectly.
“Be aware of the difference each of us can make if we just make the effort to care and to be there for each other,” he said.

Website, Nov 25
Tommy Parrish, Crossfit Minerva

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