Warnervale level crossing should be replaced now

Member for Wyong, David Harris, at the level crossing next to Warnervale Train Station

The level crossing at Warnervale Train Station should be replaced before thousands of new homes are built on what are now the surrounding green fields, according to the Member for Wyong, David Harris.
Harris said the two-way Warnervale Rd may look, in parts, like a quiet road at the moment, but over the next 10 years, multiple major residential subdivisions would turn it into a major thoroughfare.
“Precinct 7A will have 1,200 dwellings, then there is another estate that is going through in Nikko Rd, and then there is also another one built and up for sale in Railway Rd,” Harris said.
“Those three will come right onto the level crossing, in addition to all the existing houses, because that is the route to the traffic lights on to Sparks Rd.
“I think what needs to happen is that Council and TfNSW have to look at options, whether it is a new road that goes through precinct 7A, crosses the railway line and comes out at the education precinct, or other options.
“It may be that the level crossing closes and everyone goes out through Virginia Rd,” he said.
He said the confluence of Warnervale Rd, the railway line at Warnervale Station, Nikko Rd and Railway Rd, would become a major choke point, and a safety concern for those new communities if it was not dealt with now, while green field land was available to come up with an affordable level crossing replacement site.
“Why not get an overpass built now and choose a site that would allow it to divert traffic away from local roads, onto Sparks Rd,” he said.
Harris said his initial conversations with Central Coast Council and Transport for NSW had uncovered that neither the local nor state government had thought ahead.
“The Victorian Government is replacing all level crossings, we have an opportunity to do this now while it is relatively inexpensive, instead of waiting until all the houses are built and realising that we don’t have the available space for a bridge or tunnel, or any other solution,” he said.
He said he believed both Council and Transport for NSW had under-estimated the number of cars that would be using Warnervale Rd and the surrounding local road network.
“You are going to have, with the new developments, around 3,000 cars potentially entering Warnervale Rd around that point heading towards Sparks Rd.
“You have trains coming through many times an hour, including freight trains, so potentially, it is going to back up”.

Interview, Dec 7
David Harris, Member for Wyong
Jackie Pearson, journalist

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