Class lists delayed due to fluctuating student numbers

Woy Woy South Public School will not decide its class lists until the second week of term one next year because of a Government policy that requires student numbers to be finalised before teacher allocations are made.
Principal Mr Matt Barr has advised parents that class information for next year has been delayed “due to fluctuating student numbers”.
“Allocation of students to classes may be delayed for a longer period than usual at the commencement of the new school year,” Mr Barr said.
“Most years, we have been able to move students into their new classes on the first day back.
“However, in early 2019, we may need to hold students in their 2018 classes for a few days.
“The reason for this is that the Department of Education requires schools to submit their confirmed student numbers by a specific date (usually in week two of term one).
“New enrolments coming into our school on the first few days back may make the difference and these numbers an affect the number of teachers our school is allocated for the year.
“To avoid disruption and confusion for our students and their families, we don’t want to form classes and then have to change them, so the short holding method may need to be utilised.
“We are doing this in an attempt to create the best possible arrangements for the children,” Mr Barr said.

Newsletter 6 Dec 2018
Matt Barr, Woy Woy South Public School

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