School will revert to long lunch and short recess

Empire Bay Public School will revert to a long lunch and short recess next year.
“This year we trialled a different style of recess and lunch with the view to reassessing it for 2019,” said principal Ms Simone Champion.
“After surveying staff and informal discussions with a variety of students, next year we will return to a longer lunch and shorter recess.
“Lunch time will be at 11am with 10mins eating time then play time from 11:10am to 11:50am.
“Recess will be a short 20mins break at 1:50pm.
“There has been no evidence to show any decrease in behaviour issues this year with two equal breaks but there has been an impact on staff who felt it difficult to have a decent break with the shorter time frames,” Ms Champion said.

Newsletter, 7 Dec 2018
Simone Champion, Empire Bay Public School

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