Schools celebrate teacher accreditation

Woy Woy South and Ettalong Public Schools have celebrated the accreditation of four teachers in the L3 program.
Woy Woy South principal Mr Matt Barr said: “Our most recently accredited L3 teachers, Ms Lauren Brown and Mr Beau Jarrett, have completed two years of in school and after hours training in the L3 (Language, Learning and Literacy) program.
“Mentoring and guidance was given by Mrs Michelle Reid in her role as a 2018 Central Coast trainer.”
Ettalong principal Ms Lynn Balfour said: “Mrs Lisa Sayer and Ms Tami Price are now fully accredited L3 teachers.
“L3 is a two year course on the explicit teaching of reading and comprehension that all K-2 teachers at Ettalong Public School are trained in.”

Social media, 6 Dec 2018
Matt Barr, Woy Woy South Public School
Lynn Balfour, Ettalong Public School

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