Glenworth Valley road is inadequate for large events

Glenworth Valley is the perfect spot for a music festival, except the road in is not made for large traffic volumes.
History has shown that whatever you do, you won’t stop the kids from bringing and taking drugs at these events.
Glenworth Valley is a good half hours’ drive from the nearest police or ambulance station.
Common sense would demand that a police patrol with sniffer dogs was present, plus an ambulance with paramedics.
Drug users that are caught should be made to name or describe the person they acquired the drugs from or otherwise finish up in the slammer for a period of time.
The pushers or suppliers are the people who are causing the real problem and most are getting away with it.
We don’t want our youngsters growing up as addicts because we already have enough idiots in the world.

Email, Dec 31
Rod Fountain, Booker Bay

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