Road safety standards differ

I am extremely concerned with the safety of the Central Coast Highway, on the eastern side of the Punt Bridge at East Gosford.
After the recent heavy rain, I was traveling east and could not see the lines on the road, nor any of the orange rods which indicate the centre of the road.
These orange rods have been broken off over time, which indicates to me they have been used to prevent an accident.
As I was extremely concerned with the safety of this road, I contacted Adam Crouch, the Member for Terrigal, and Liesl Tesch, the Member for Gosford.
The Punt Bridge is the boundary for the two electorates.
I would assume residents from both electorates would use the road.
I was surprised that Mr Crouch did not see the concerns that I had with the safety issue, and while his party is in power, he would, I assume, be able to swiftly address the safety issue and have it speedily rectified.
The Central Coast Highway, as I understand it, is a state road maintained by Central Coast Council.
Due to the extreme close proximity of the oncoming traffic, I would have thought that in this section of road, there would have been regular maintenance of the safety devices.
As a long term resident of this area, I have known of numerous head on accidents and near misses on this busy stretch of road.
I congratulate Liesl Tesch on having good safety devices on the Western side of the Central Coast Highway.
I ask all motorists to exercise extreme caution in any inclement weather on the eastern side of the Punt Bridge, as well as pray and hope that no fatality occurs as a result of Mr Crouch’s inaction.

Email, Jan 7
Beverley Cooper, East Gosford

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