Spearfishermen not wanted near swimming areas

As the holidays approach and many head to the beach, I would like to briefly relay an experience my children and I had at the Haven Beach, Terrigal.
We snorkelled around and enjoyed at a variety of beautiful fish, they even spotted a turtle.
Nearby they saw a man with a spear gun, spearing a small sea creature.
I asked him not to use the spear near my kids.
His response was to tell me to F… off.
We can’t walk around a shopping centre with a weapon, so why is it ok to have a spear on a family beach?
It’s called the The Haven because it really is a beautiful haven for families to enjoy a safe beach.
As we enter into the busy holiday season, perhaps Council could erect a sign guiding spearfishermen to a more appropriate place.

Email, Dec 19
Nada Pantle, Green Point

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