The rise of the independent thinker

Regarding the Wentworth by-election held over the weekend of October 20-21, the people rose to show the two political parties that they don’t have a strangle hold on power.
Look at the rise of the independent thinker.
It goes to show that people do think, and politicians are only public servants and should do what we want, not what their bosses in the public service or foreign governments tell them to do.
The United Nations is the most over bureaucratic waste of money organisation in the world.
More wars have been started since its inception in the last 100 years.
So let’s take a page out of Pauline Hanson’s book and get out of it and tell the rest of the world that we will do what we want, not what they want us to do.
It also appears that the USA wants us to look like them, sorry the answer is no.
The International Court is a farce, as USA and Russia don’t take any notice of it.
Even the British are getting out of the European Union, as it is costing them billions just to belong to the club.
As an independent thinker, I feel it’s time to rise up and take back our country and make it better for our children.

Email, Oct 21
Robert Findley, Point Clare

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