Beach group seeks more Peninsula residents

The founder of a community group that meets regularly at Umina Beach said he would love to see more Peninsula residents at the group’s monthly gatherings.
Central Coast Conscious Community was founded by Mr Joe Figliano in January 2016 for the purpose of “unity, bringing conscious leaders of the Central Coast together to connect with each other and create a healthier community”.
He said the group has now grown to over 900 people.
According to Mr Figliano, the group has evolved into heart-centred space gatherings which led to a more stable core team of individuals with a passion to facilitate the community group.
“In December a collaboration with a local Umina full moon drumming group opened up opportunity for more connection and celebration,” Mr Figliano said.
“For January, other groups and individuals were invited to join to celebrate with us and because of that and people spreading the word, over 400 people gathered, not only from the Central Coast but also from Sydney and Newcastle.
“Bringing firewood, food, drums, fire spinners, tables for food and other goodies for people to share.
“There was drumming and music, dancing, singing, hula hooping, fire twirling, meditation and storytelling by the fire,” he said.
Mr Figliano said the purpose of the Umina Beach event was to provide a platform for people to come together from all over the Central Coast to celebrate the Coast’s thriving community.
“The vision is for all the various groups and individuals on the Central Coast to come together to celebrate loving community, to connect and to share in an alcohol and drug-free environment which is safe for children with a friendly vibe for adults.
“All are welcome.
“There are no barriers and diversity is abundant, regardless of age, culture, and orientation.
“For some people a side benefit also happens to be improved mental health,” Mr Figliano said.
The group’s next Full Moon Gathering event at Umina Beach will be held from 6pm on February 23 at Kiddies Corner.

Media release, 25 Jan 2019
Joe Figliano, Central Coast Conscious Community

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