Mentoring program offered to Year 6 boys

A program to mentor Year 6 boys will be run at primary schools across the Peninsula this year.
Ettalong Beach Community Branch Bendigo Bank has partnered with
It will be offered by the Top Blokes Foundation, which has run a similar program with Brisbane Water Secondary College students.
Co-ordinator Mr Kevin Hulls said the partnership would enable his team to deliver the “Step Up” program to Peninsula boys.
“Our program is called Step Up and is designed to catch young men before they fall into bad behaviours.
“We have had great success across the Coast with programs in high schools, but have really wanted to deliver to boys before they reached high school,” Mr Hulls said.
The program has been funded by the Ettalong branch of the Bendigo Bank.
Branch manager Mr Peter Mckeon said: “We are very happy to have been able to assist deliver a quality program to the youth of the Peninsula.
“Top Blokes can reach parts of the community we can’t, and we wish the participants every success in developing their minds and attitudes,” Mr Mckeon said.

Media release, 17 Jan 2019
Kym Keheller, Bendigo Bank Ettalong Beach

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