Clean Air Policy specifically for the Central Coast being formulated

The Community Environment Network is setting the wheels in motion for the formulation of a Clean Air Policy, specifically for the Central Coast.
Chair, John Asquith, said the network had formed an Air Pollution sub-committee and was keen to hear from any residents affected by air pollution, particularly those suffering with asthma.
“Doctors have told me that any increase in air pollution carries the risk of increased effects,” Asquith said.
“There are 30,000 sufferers from asthma on the Central Coast, and their voices are not being heard.
“Childhood asthma is particularly prevalent.
“We strongly believe everyone has the right to clean air.
“The NSW Minister for Environment was working on a NSW Clean Air Agreement, but nothing has happened in more than 12 months.”
Asquith said a number of people had expressed interest in the sub-committee, with many saying the heavy heat and humidity were already exacerbating asthma conditions.
“Our focus is to come up with a brief strategy to put to Central Coast Council and the Environment Protection Authority,” he said.
“We want them to look at changes to the air caused by bushfire burn-offs, coal trains going through the Central Coast with fumes coming off them.
“We want them to identify the risks and look at mitigating them.
“We are determined to get this on the agenda this year – pollution is only going to get worse.
“We want to hear about people’s actual experiences with pollution, even if it’s only dust from the building site next door.
“We have to do all we can to maintain air quality,” Asquith said.

Interview, Jan 29
John Asquith, Chair, Community Environment Network

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