Details of new Development Application lodged by Verde Terra sought

Mountains District Association (MDA) has called for Central Coast Council to release details of a new Development Application lodged in December, 2018, by Verde Terra, operator of the contentious Mangrove Mountain Landfill.
“Council is currently a party to proceedings in the Land and Environment Court in which Verde Terra is appealing an Environmental Protection Authority decision to refuse its application to renew (vary) its environment protection licence (EPL 11395) for the site, and now it has a DA lodged by Verde Terra also to assess,” association spokesman, Dr Stephen Goodwin, said.
But Goodwin said the new DA had been received by Council before Christmas and there had been ample time for it to be processed.
“The community has been demanding a new DA for Mangrove Mountain Landfill for some time now,” Goodwin said.
“The original consent approved by the former Gosford City Council over 20 years ago did not approve a regional waste facility for this environmentally contentious site, yet that is what has been allowed to develop at Mangrove Mountain Golf Course.
“While MDA is sympathetic to the legal situation with Mangrove Mountain Landfill at present, the silence from Council has been deafening.
“Why are the DA documents not online for public viewing?
“Council has had them for over a month and completed its preliminary assessment of them two weeks ago.
“Council is going to have a busy year with Mangrove Mountain Landfill, but this is a shaky start.
“The community is very keen to head off attempts by Verde Terra to legitimise a mega dump for this environmentally fragile site.
“The site is a leading supplier of water from the underlying sandstone aquifer into the Central Coast water supply.
“MDA has indicated many times that it would like to work with Council rather than being kept in the dark.
“The community has invested a lot of time and effort into this issue and would like to see transparency where this is possible, or at least an update.”
Central Coast Council confirmed it had received a Development Application from Verde Terra but would make no further comment as the DA was still “under assessment”.
Central Coast Mayor, Jane Smith, said she expected the DA and all supporting documents would be on display in the next few weeks.
“The length of time it takes to assess a DA depends on the scope and scale of it and the amount of technical detail contained,” she said.
Smith said Council’s new Mangrove Mountain and Spencer Advisory Committee would improve awareness and communication around the ongoing landfill issue.

Media release, Jan 29
Mountains District Association
Interview, Jan 30
Central Coast Mayor, Jane Smith

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