Independent thinker needs to check facts

In response to a piece in the Forum of Coast Community News edition 199, the writer of Rise of the independent thinker, would be well advised to check his facts first.
The Charter of the United Nations (1945) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) form the hub of International Law.
They were not written or ratified, by the now over 190 states, until after the end of both World Wars.
When combined with the Genocide Convention (1948) and the Refugee Convention (1951), these documents incorporate some of the key values of the United Nations.
These UN values have formed the legal and moral framework for the international order since 1945.
On the first of January, 1901, six self-governing colonies came together to form the Commonwealth of Australia.
Less than 15 years later, over 400,000 of her citizens enlisted to fight in World War 1.
Approximately 65 million men fought in World War 1.
By the time it ended in November, 1918, about 10 million of them had died, and another 20 million had been wounded.
In reality, the war lasted for more than four years.
Worldwide, with civilians’ shattered families, it caused about 34 million casualties and 17 million deaths.
Never again the people said.
Twenty years later the obscenity was repeated with World War 2.
Australia has the most ancient civilisation on Earth.
Indigenous people have lived here for more than 50,000 years.
The British flag was first raised at Sydney cove in 1788.
Over 160,000 men and women convicted of crimes in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales were transported to these penal colonies to provide cheap labour for over 60 years.
They were accompanied by military supervisors, and some free settlers and artisans.
Numbers increased by intermarriage, and with the ever increasing arrivals from other continents, searching for gold and other rare minerals, selling trees, farming sugar cane plantations etc.
Families sought refuge here from religious intolerance, found safe haven here, and a new start after the World Wars, Asian wars, and the continuing conflict in the Middle East.
We needed people, the country prospered, diversity enriched everyone.
We are all members of the human race.
For 230 years, we have arrived and still endeavour to adapt to this environment and its first peoples.
It’s a global world and we will continue to live, work and travel everywhere.
When, where and how does this “independent thinker on the rise” believe he can take back “our country?”
The more that the people and nations of the world act in accordance with the United Nations values, the more likely that global peace and security will be achieved.

Letter, Jan 21
Pamela Lemoine, Gosford

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